Friday, July 2, 2010

At One Within My Universe

So this is the start of my spectacular and wondiferous blog! (yes, wondiferous)...that being said, this is the place where I am no holds barred to speak freely and openly about, well, whatever I really feel like.

I wanted to start this blog, originally, as a place to document my journey through health and wellness and to have as an archive for myself, and supposedly others out there in internet land. I have found so many helpful resources on the internet, blogs and vlogs mostly, which have guided me and helped me from time to time, as I have gone through many personal trials and soul searching, self realizing moments in my life. I hope that my blog can someday, in some way, mean something, anything, to someone else out there looking for something in their own life (and yes I reserve the right to use extraordinarily long run on sentences and write in free flowing thought-to-paper format whenever I choose...and I'm sure I will).

The internet is our playground and our words and ideas are free to bounce within these walls. I have a lot to say and hopefully the will to say some of it to the vast expansion of internet-land...but in the meantime, I am just getting started. This blog is meant to be an exploration of the world around me...a portal into nowhere where I will spout my nothings out and watch them shoot into cyberspace never to be heard from again. It is good to be free flowing with text is good to be where I am, exactly where I am, doing this now. I am happy and excited for more. I am starving for each new day as it comes.

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  1. This is great! I get so much joy discovering new blogs--new to me that is. I love starting at the person's first entry and reading forward. Can't wait to read your posts!
    Peace and Raw Health,