Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Camping & Cleaning

This week I am heading out to go work at a freind's jewlery booth a local music festival!! I am going alone, which is a little scary, but also pretty exciting. The website for the place says there will be yoga workshops in the morning and afternoons and also poi and hooping workshops, as well as one about health, food, & nutrition, which I am really excited about!! The festival itself will be 3 nights of Yonder Mountain String Band and days filled with all sorts of other exciting live music!

Food Planning:
I was a little unsure about how to prepare for this foodwise...I really hate having to worry about coolers and ice while camping, and things usually end up soggy and a big ol'mess, so this time I decided to try and go with all dry and raw foods, which will also help with keeping me nourished and hydrated during the weekend!

So, I'm bringing oranges, pears, bananas, and avacados to eat raw, broccoli and onion to cook with quinoa on my propane grill, and several varieties of dry soup that I can hydrate instantly with water, and they all contain fairly healthy ingredients, split-pea soup, and two others. Hopefully this, plus some spinach I will be purchasing tomorrow before I head out for salads, will be enough to sustain me for the weekend. I am running extremely low on funds right now, so this will have to do as I'm sure I won't have much money to be spending on crazy food vendors, and who really knows what all they use in their food products as well.

Non-Toxic Cleaning!

On a seperate note, I finally had a chance to use my non-toxic, homemade cleaning supplies today and I'm proud and happy to report they work amazingly well!! This zine, "Make Your Place: Affordable, Sustainable Nesting Skills," written & illustrated by Raleigh Briggs is amazing at providing tips and recipes for all kinds of things like health & first aid, non-toxic cleaning & body care, and even gardening! I highly reccomend this to anyone looking to start using non-toxic products that won't put chemicals down the drain! ...or on your skin!

Today I used the Lemon Flooor Cleaner & the "Soft Scrub" and they both worked incredibly! Here are the simple recipes for both:

Lemon Floor Cleaner:

*1 c liquid castile soap (I use Dr. Bronner's non-scented, since I added essential oil for the fragrance)
*1/4 c lemon juice
*10 drops tee tree oil
*6 c warm water
-- Mix all ingredients and store in a plastic jug (I put mine in an old laundry detergent container, as I am done using chemical detergent anyway and could definitely re-use the jug!)
--I used this on my kitchen & living room floors and now they are sparkling clean! :-)

Our kitchen sink was also looking a bit nasty, so I took this opportunity to try out the soft scrub that I made about a week ago!

Soft Scrub:

*1 c baking soda
*3-5 drops tee tree oil
*1/4 c liquid castile soap
2 asprins, powdered
--Mix all ingredients together & add enough water to make a paste. Keep in a shampoo bottle. To use, apply with a sponge, scrub & rinse thoroughly.
--This worked instantly on my sink transforming it's brown nastiness into white shining glory!! haha. Well, it did! This worked so well on the sink, I will soon be heading to the bathtub with it!

So, there you have it...I will be out and on my way north tomorrow evening! Have a happy, healthy day!

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