Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some of My Adventures in RAWing, so far...

Ok, so I have been experimenting with various types of raw recipes for some time now, aside from my basic salads and such. I am always trying as many new fresh organic fruits and veggies as possible (and of course making the most delicious salads and green juices all the time!) but here are a few of the deliciously raw recipes I have tried over the past 5 months!

I get my recipes from books and the internet mostly:

This was my very first raw soup...raw asparagus soup that is. I got the recipe from a really amazing book I have called, "The Raw Transformation, Energizing Your Life with Living Foods," by Wendy Rudell. This was ok, but maybe a bit advanced in bitter flavor for my, still eating cooked foods occasionally, taste buds. It was a little flavorless to my palate, or maybe just a little too grassy...but I think I could do better next time with some added herbs & spices!

This may be a familar looking dish, raw spaghetti with raw marinara sauce! I used several recipes I found online and blended them to my own personal tastes to get this amazing dish!! The sauce was absolutely perfect, I will post the recipe on here some time soon! I did not, and do not, yet own a spiral slicer, so for now I just made the noodles with the largest setting on my cheese grater, and that seemed to work just fine.

And this one is raw cacao balls rolled in shredded coconut, a BIG favorite of mine and my boyfriend. This recipe came from a video blog of one of my favorite raw foodies, Natasha St. Michael. Here is the link to that vid if anyone wants to make these: There are several variations of this recipe out there, but this one is one I really like and make all the time! I also like that it contains hemp seeds and spirulina as well.

And my newest adventure in raw food cusine came from the well-known and wonderful Matt Monarch from The Raw Food World He previewed the recipe on this episode: and then later referenced it in another video saying he eats it all the time, so I had to try this out, as I am a huge fan of the tv show. So here it is...cucumber, avacado, and dulse...that's it! And I added some chopped tomatoes to it, as suggested in the video. It was pretty tasty actually and VERY filling! I think, for me, it could have been a bit spicier, but overall a decent meal...and mostly made up of water, so very low in calories as well!

And so my journey continues...I am already planning some wonderful new recipe experiments for the very near future, and of course I have a TON of recipes to try once we get a new blender, a food processor, and a dehydrator...but that will be a little while off yet. So, for now, happy RAWing!! :)

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