Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Toys in the Kitchen

The month of August has been very good to me, as it always is, being my birthday month and I thought I'd let you, my blog, in on some of the excitement! So, here it toys!! YES! My lovely parents took me to Lowes while they were in town and helped me choose the most amazing birthday present that I was so uberly desperate for...a food processor! This Kitchen Aid mama has a 9-cup bowl and a mini-bowl (the selling point) for smaller jobs. It is so much quieter than the blender and it is also my (and Corey's) new best friend in the kitchen. The first night we tried it out, Corey made some amazing garlic-olive salad dressing and I ground up walnuts to sprinkle on top...divine! In this photo, I was experimenting with my first batch of hummus. It was a recipe from a book I am reading right now, "12 Steps to Raw Foods," by Victoria Boutenko ( and actually turned out pretty tasty, aside from being a bit too basily. I think next time I could use about half of the basil and maybe add some other flavors like sun dried tomatoes! Yummy. Also, the raw balls I mentioned in an earlier blog were 10 times easier to mix in the food processor! Corey and I's nickname for this wonderful new gadget is BAM! because you want something done and...BAM! it's done. :) I like this.

The other exciting toy I got is a spiralizer (spiral slicer)!! I found this bad boy at a thrift store/animal rescue store I was volunteering at for a possible part-time job. Anyway, I was organizing shelves in the kitchen section and saw this guy sitting, brand new, in the box with only a 10 dollar price tag! These things are usually about 40 dollars and up, so I snatched it up right away! I haven't had the privilege of making anything on it yet, but I'm hoping to make some raw zuchinni-noodle spaghetti this next week sometime on it, so I will get back with some pics when I get to it! 

This is me, at the raw food meet-up thing I went to last week, with Rawdawg Rory and his wife, Amanda, who were/are still traveling through Oregon and around the country! Amanda is walking across the country to help herself lose weight and strengthen her health and vitality...very admirable.   


On another foodie note, I recently made Ani Phyo's raw chili ( and it turned out so freaking amazing my mouth is watering just thinking about making it again! Corey and I both looooved it and it even satisfied our meat-loving palates! This would be a great recipe to make for a dinner party with non-raw-eating people who are looking to try something a little different, but spectacular! The best part about this dish, you only need a blender to make it! I didn't have the food processor yet when I made it, and it still turned out perfect.  
Click on the link above to get the recipe and see how to make it. I was surprised, I didn't even have to add any water or anything to the blender as the tomatoes took care of the juicyness needed to run it. 

That's it for now...but coming up soon I will be talking about morning energy solutions and review some non-toxic beauty products! Until then, happy August! Enjoy this beautiful month while it lasts!!

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