Saturday, September 18, 2010

Amazing Tofu Burgers & Dirty Little Piggies

So, I'm really excited this week because a couple of my friends, my couple friends, just moved in to my city where I really knew no one from my past before! They are in the bottom portion of an old house and have lavender, blueberries, and grapes growing outside in their yard!! I really really want to plant a blueberry bush next spring! They certainly are a divine berry!

In other news, Corey and I tried out a recipe the other day for tofu burgers that turned out amazing!! I got the recipe from and then I made a raw bbq sauce to put on the burgers using this recipe as a base, but forgetting the sun dried tomatoes and adding in half a red bell pepper. It turned out amazing!! Corey used veganaise, which some people really enjoy, but as it is made with non-organic soy it seems to upset my stomach. So the recipe was pretty easy and the dough was pretty sticky, but once they got to cooking, it was all good from there. They turned out soo delicious, spicy and exciting to our taste buds! Then, the next day, I took what was left over and chopped it up and put it into a salad, which was ALSO amazing! Basically, I'm saying you should try this recipe if you are looking for a new veggie burger recipe, I highly recommend it and will be making it again soon!...Sadly, it's not vegan, however. I will be working on finding a wonderful vegan option soon.

And speaking of vegan, I have been not eating dairy, or at least not much for a little while now, and that is still going great...and I have been only eating meat that is grass-fed free range organic, which has ultimately limited the overall amount of leat I've been eating, but my one fix in the meat department has been pork...specifically bacon, and sometimes the pulled pork from Chipotle. So, the other day at work, we just got a new cook and he had just made a blt and was like, "wow, I haven't cooked bacon in a really long time..." which got us talking about diets. I asked him if he didn't eat meat and he told me, no, he just doesn't eat pork. I asked why not that only, and he started telling me about how unclean and full of toxins pigs meat is and how full of parasites, etc. which lead me straight to the internet where I researched it a little bit, until I was thoroughly grossed out. Since then, my affliction for bacon and other pork products has been supplemented with the thought of all these toxins and parasites, and I think I may have just cured myself of my bacon, and possibly all meat, fix. Which, with no meat...and no dairy...would lead me to being somewhat of a vegan! But, all of this just happened within the week. Right after my friends moved here, we went to Chipotle for some lunch and I, for the FIRST time EVER at that glorious restaurant ordered a VEGGIE burrito!! Just the thought of the pigs going into that pork...that pork I so loved just more than 24 hours before...grossed me out to the point that it didn't even sound or look appealing in the least! Also, FYI, the lady made sure to tell me that the pinto beans are cooked with bacon (aka lard) so I avoided those as well, and just went with black beans. So, yeah...we'll see how long this lasts, but as of right now I'm not too sure when the next time I will be consuming any animal will be...I don't see it happening anytime soon...outside of possibly (probably) some free-range organic eggs.

Here are the rest of the pics from Corey & I's tofu burger recipe experiement, enjoy!

Question for all of you...what is the hardest thing for you to quit eating, and why??? Just curious what's hard for others as compared to myself. And in addition to that, what are some of the reasons you are able to stay away from foods you crave even though a part of your brain still wants them?

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  1. Those burgers look awesome! I haven't tried the tofu burgers, but I have had some good luck with nut burgers. Very delicious, 100% vegan, and super easy to make. I would be happy to send you the recipe if you're interested.
    On a pork note,'s totally gross. I know you and I have talked about this quite a bit, but after doing my own research into factory farming and it's effect on the environment, health, etc.. was a large factor into choosing to go vegan. I have a pretty tried and true policy, if you don't want to think about what's in the food you're eating you probably shouldn't be eating it.
    I have trouble with sweets. I loves me some cookies! Whenever I have a craving I just think about what went into making those delicious cookies and they don't seem that delicious anymore. I know it sounds simple, but sometimes you have to remind yourself of what certain foods are comprised of and your appetite is usually soured.