Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dairy-Free Me Update #2

I have been doing fairly well staying dairy free. I have only had a few minor slip-ups, but so far so good, and skin is loving me for it! Since I stopped eating dairy, my skin has basically cleared itself completely of bumps, redness, and breakouts (with no new pop-ups to speak of)! I think this is totally amazing. Aside from that, I had a chance to check this theory a bit more. The other night I had just gotten off work, and Corey had come down the bar to hang with me for a little while, and enjoy the musical stylings of karaoke night! We were both starving, and were not in the mood to leave, so I decided to say what the hell, and eat a standard American diet-made wrap from the bar, tater-tots and all. Being a little buzzed from the beer, the wrap was fantastic and it contained my most favorite of all the cheeses around, pepperjack!! I had let myself have this indulgence just for the night, and was curious to see if my skin would have any repercussions. The next day, I had 2 tiny little breakouts starting on my chin in that same old spot, along with bumpy-ness and irritation!! HAHA! I knew it!! It was always the cheese, and possibly a slew of other things I had been eating for years before I started my whole foods diet, but definitely a major dairy reaction. Crazy! So, this ends the dairy-free me experiment and pushes on to the dairy-free me lifestyle...for good. I have also learned that my stomach is sensitive to some types of soy, so I will most likely be avoiding that too for the time being, until more study can be done. So, goodbye cheese, I loved you well. I will miss you, my skin will not.

Interesting page I found concerning food allergies causing acne, specifically dairy products:

It should also be noted that I am still eating eggs and wheat. I haven't noticed any reactions in my body to either of these, but I am thinking of cutting them down in my diet asap so as to replace them with more fruits and veggies.


  1. Good job! I am having the hardest time quitting cheese! It is definitely addictive!

  2. Oh, a lovely goodbye to cheese. I know it can be hard. You remember cheese dipped in cheese nights? It was delicious at the time, but when I think about it now I feel a little queasy. Adieu sweet cheese, adieu.

  3. Haha, cheese dipped in cheese...yes. I still know how good it can be when full on cheap wine...but alas, no more. lol