Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An update...

Hello out there in blogger land!! Sorry I have been absent from my blog for a couple of weeks, I have been super busy working 2 jobs, then quitting one, getting Corey back and forth to school, making hats and scarves, and attending a wedding in California! Phew!! But, I'm back and ready as ever to start getting things moving again! Here's an amazing carrot, banana, ginger, strawberry smoothie I made the other day, just to wet your healthy taste buds!

Since I left you I have left the job at the raw foods cart. While I did have a really good time being surrounded by amazing organic food, wheatgrass, and a commercial size big momma juicer that I would die to have in my kitchen!...the business itself is still new and the owner is still in her first year, and working out the kinks. I was putting a lot of time in and starting to feel worn down and seeing my own creative and entrepreneurial endeavors drift away into the "I'm too busy/tired to do this" category, and I really wasn't liking that. Anyway, I still really love the food cart and support them whole heartedly, it was just not the right match for I left.

On a brighter note, I am working very hard to get my Etsy store up and running sometime this week or next! I will be selling handmade crochet hats, earrings, blankets, and scarves and more! Now that I have my free time back, I can devote much more energy to getting this business off the ground and into a part-time job for myself that makes me feel happy and creative! :) I will post a link to my page as soon as I get it going. Eek eek, so excited!

Also, I have made a decision about where I want to get my schooling for nutritional consultation and herbalism. After lots and LOTS of research, catalogs, and talking on the phone to schools and advisors, I have decided on Global College of Natural Medicine. This school just seems to completely fit the curriculum and price range I am looking for, as well as requires you to read some very awesome material, that excites me to be reading! Side note about myself: I usually have a very large stack of books from the library on my coffee table that I am simultaneously reading, studying the things that interest me, but it is always so easy to get distracted and just go back to my novel, which I'm also trying to get through (the Darktower series by Steven King, omg the best!) I am excited to have school work and reading deadlines to push me into reading the material I want to read with no distractions. Yay school! I am still trying to figure out where I will get the money to PAY for this schooling, but I am working on it. Either way,  I am excited to have at least come to a decision about a school, it's been a long time coming.

Btw, this is Big Sur, where we went for the wedding this weekend. Soo gorgeous!! One of the most beautiful places on Earth, I'm convinced. My boyfriend, Corey, and some friends and I went and visited the birthplace of the wind...Jack Kerouac's writing spot for a poem in his book, "Big Sur." It was a beautiful trip and a beautiful wedding with amazing people.

Anyway, I will be back with more soon...just wanted to throw in an update to let everyone know what's been holding me up. I had friend and co-worker pass away last week as well, only 38 years old. My friend, El Hefe, loved to eat terrible food for the body and was always giving me hell (playfully) about my strict diet and trying to get me to try things I don't eat. Well, he ended up having a stroke, only to later discover that he had had type 2 diabetes and didn't even know it! He did not have health care and so was just continuing to eat this terrible food regardless. He came out of the stroke with half his body paralyzed and made a decision to go ahead with brain surgery. He came out of that in a coma and his brain was basically gone. They had to unplug him last Wednesday. This was the news I received the day after coming home from my trip. While shocked and in grief for the loss of my friend, this only has made my feelings stronger about diet and the importance of finding a balanced nutrition that works for you...and it only makes me want to further educate myself and start helping people as soon as I can! I don't want this to happen to young, good people, let alone older people! I want people to have the tools to choose the life that is right for them. I want to encourage my friends and family to make better decisions about what they put in and on their bodies and I want to make a positive difference in people's lives that will help them be happier and healthier people! I only wish I could have helped my friend Hefe more. On the up side, the owners of the business I work at took this as an opportunity to take the health of their employees more seriously, and while they still cannot offer healthcare, they now are providing a free gym membership to a gym right down the street from my house, which has step aerobics, nia, and many other amazing classes! I am excited to get my butt in there and start pumping my heart! :)

Much love and a beautiful week to you all. I'll be back with more very soon!


  1. It sounds like everything is falling into place for you!
    It's my first time visiting your blog and I'm really enjoying it!
    I'm now a "Follower".
    Good luck with your Etsy store!

  2. thank you, friend!! I am now a follower of your blog as well, diggin the wheatgrass talk ;) Thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon!