Sunday, November 21, 2010

An introduction...

It's amazing to me that I've had this blog for 5 months and I still haven't properly introduced myself. I am a former midwesterner, now living on the west coast. I am a jane of various trades (as opposed to jack!) who has dabbled in many things over the years including dance, theater, art, singing, playing guitar & bass, being in a female fronted rock band, being in other bands, being a videographer and video editor for a local news station, bar-tending, crocheting, going back to being a mere singer/songwriter in a town where I knew virtually no one, when we first now, being a late-twenty-something woman on my own personal journey to and through happiness. Not saying that "happiness" is the destination, and that it is something I am without or seeking out, but more that I have taken my own happiness into my own hands and decided to do exactly whatever it is that I want to do to make each day happy and wonderful; living in the present, honoring myself and my dreams and goals, and making those things a priority.

When you're a kid, people say, "follow your heart," and "you can be anything you want to be, anything you put your mind to, you can do." What they don't tell you is that when you are 20 something, out of high school and/or in college, and trying to "find yourself" and "follow your dreams," etc. it might not be very clear what your true passions are at the time. The choice of what path to go down and what to do for the rest of your life may be a little bit cloudier than you expected. So, if you're like me, you just follow your heart, one day at a time, choosing what ever passions are in the road until you start hitting things that stick. It has taken a long time for me, and for many people I know, just to start to even scratch the surface of the things I am truly interested in and realizing what the connections are throughout everything that I love. Figuring out the things that tie my passions together, and furthermore, make up what I want to do with my life. All these things leading into how I could use my passions to help me make a living and figuring out how to have a full, happy, and fulfilling life, in that way.

Obviously, I am still working on this process day-to-day and will probably continue to grow and expand in this way throughout my life, but at least for now, I am truly excited just to have the wheels in motion, in my head, in reality, and in every aspect of life around me. It's almost like, you can see the people who are moving foreword on their path, and you can see the people who are standing still, and the people who are honing some kind of passion or fulfilling some kind of dream just seem to have this outer glow about them, where the people who are sitting still, or following along some mundane path that fulfills nothing in them, just seem to be kind of...cloudy. I know it might sound mean, but I promise that is not what it's meant to be. It's just that every person is traveling through life at their own pace but some people really seem to shine in what they do, I guess because it means so much to them, it's like passion flows out of them and splatters all over the room! I am at a point of moving and growing, where people who are seeking out their own happiness are just rockstars to me, and seem to be glowing with a vibrant exuberance and gusto! This certainly includes the "glowing rockstars" fulfilling their dreams, not solely (or at all) through their jobs, but through other things like their family or their band or their from-home soap-making business, and these things and these people, I find, amazing and inspirational too! I am just constantly inspired by people who are inspired and passionate about whatever it is that makes them glow, and I personally look foreword to the opportunity to grow in new directions each day! This is starting to seem like a rambly post...ok intros! So anyway, I just wanted to issue a formal hello to my blog readers, and to let you in on a little bit about myself and I feel I have done you well.

Either way, I think you get the idea on the passions issue. I am in a place where I am searching out a home for mine within my own life, and I look foreword to finding more as I go along. I also love to see others following their own hearts and niches and becoming the wonderful people they already are. If nothing else, I think that is the goal in be happy, to feel truly yourself, balanced and centered within your body, and your life.

I think that this kind of positive energy is absolutely radiant and contagious and can encompass many people and produce many beautiful things. Not to mention, finding a place of less stress and more pleasure for the body, the heart, and the brain, and therefore leading to a healthier, happier body. So, on that note, I am ending this getting-to-know-me blog, knowing I have not said anything super specific, but hoping that you still get something positive out of it, and a better feel for the author, never the less.

Oh yeah, and this is where my heart is...

Now you know everything. ;)

~Peace & Wellness

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  1. amen :) loved my chat with you last night. you're such a cool chica. keep chasing those passions!