Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kale Chips = Ah-Maz-Ing!

No real time to blog right now, except to say that the cheezy kale chips turned out amazingly!

I ended up having a lot more cheeze sauce than I was able to fit kale into my dehydrator, but it was so delicious that Corey and I, and some friends, actually ended up just eating it plain with corn tortilla chips. You could also dip any veggies you like in it, it has a very hummus-like consistency.  By the way, I put them on the teflex sheets for the first 12 hours, then removed those and put them back in for an additional 3-4 hours on the plastic sheets alone. This seemed to work really well in making sure they were crunchy all around. 

I also did a batch of banana chips, which turned out wonderful and yummy as well. 

I read online that if I would have marinated the banana slices in lemon juice for a few minutes before dehydrating they would have turned out a bit less brown looking, but they still tasted yummy, so I wasn't too worried about it! ;) Not as crunchy as I expected though. That's all for now, have a great rest of your week. We're on the down slope now! HurRAW!

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