Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Happenings in 2011

Hello out there!

The new year has started off with a bang for me and I've been chasing my tail to keep up! There are many things in motion right now and more on the horizon, but for now I can think of only a few simple concepts that hold me together...being still, confident, and compassionate. I have been following my heart into a much deeper relationship with the whole self. Trying to exude passion & thirst for life all wile remaining focused on centering and living in the present, staying positive, and pushing toward a fuller self.

Breathe girl, this day has been so beautiful. We watched a documentary last night about the universe and beyond...narrated by Alec Baldwin, and after everything I expected him to say, Lemen, haha. But it is absolutely humbling to see how tiny we are and to think about the galaxies beyond...and then to go inward, and to see your blood pumping and your neurons firing and your bones moving, and the DNA in your cells creating microscopic ropes of who you are and how you will be...phew.

With that, I hear one of my favorite George Harrison songs echoing in my head...

Nevertheless, I am happy and life is good. Planning on making some raw crackers and cheezy kale chips tomorrow, which is awesome, and plenty of crocheting to do to get ready for the craft show I am doing with my fellow crafter buddy, Christiana, as one of the "Craftslingers" hehe. Anyway, just sending out a message of positivity. Take a minute to look at someone else and really see them this week. Really listen, and really care. It's amazing what that can do you for them, and for you.


  1. sending you positivity and a great craft show - thanks for the wonderful Buddha quote

  2. Hmmm...cheezy kale chips. Yum. This all makes me so happy to hear! Sending you lots of love.