Saturday, February 19, 2011

One For the Animals

I've been super busy for the past month getting myself and my crochet things ready for the craft show, and now that it's over, I can get back to all the other ten million things I am up to! :)
First things first, I have decided to quit eating cows, pigs, and chickens all together. I am basically giving up meat, even the lovely grass-fed free range kind, because I am just at the point where I think I am done with it. That, and, I cannot consciously contribute to the nearly 80 percent of American farm land being used to grow feed for animals consumed by Americans anymore. Just the fact that it takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of meat is enough for me to sit back and look at how much valuable land we are wasting not growing food for people, but for animals they will eat that will fill their bodies with saturated fat and make them sick! We could be growing healthy, organic, life saving foods in these places...and I personally think people should be supporting that as much as possible. Either way, I still plan to eat eggs and wild fish, and perhaps  wild game if I get the opportunity now and then, maybe. Not putting any major staples into it except that I will no longer be eating the ever so popular and ever so overused precious cows and chickens and pigs (oh my). I think I have had my fill of all the above, and to a disgusting and over processed degree. Child of the 80's here, and of the happy meal hay day. Phew. Now, a disclaimer: This is not to say that I think badly of or am looking down my nose at anyone who still chooses to eat these animal products. What it is, is that I, personally, just cannot do it anymore with a clear conscious.

I am, however, pretty certain this will be a fairly smooth transition for me as I am already not eating dairy, and have not been for a while now, and already eat a fairly fruit/veggie/whole grain based diet. So, yay for food~ and I thank all the furry and feathery fellows I have consumed over the years for their help in keeping my appetites satiated and my taste buds satisfied! I leave them now in hopes of somehow, in some small way, making my country a better place, and in a very big way making my body a happier and healthier place. Bring on the veggies!! :)

I have made so many strides this year in terms of my personal growth, and I look foreword to another blissful year of growing and hopefully ACTUALLY growing (food that is!)!! So cheers to new adventures and new recipes! 

Tonight's menu: California Miso Soup with a Yummy Side Salad :) Onward!
We'll see how it turns is where I found the recipe I'm using, it looks like she's got a bunch of other great ones on here I might have to try as well! Peace!


  1. i definitely feel better on a vegan diet - bon apetit