Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dealing with Stressors~ The Emotional Rollercoasters of Life!

Some days I feel motivated to take on the world...others I feel overwhelmed and bogged down by the things holding me in my place. Today is one of the latter.

The fact is there are plenty of things stressing me out right (at the bar, nuff said), extracurricular work that is "building toward my future" but currently not paying in cash or check (emotionally fulfilling, yes and time consuming, very), school work (of which I have tons that needs to be done and not enough days in the week to devote to it as much time as I should),  keeping the house clean (which I am not super awesome at staying on top of), starting my online crochet store, meal planning, garden planning, planning for the future, trying to stay positive, and last but certainly not least, money. Having enough, needing more, trying to build a future that will provide enough, as well as be fulfilling in every sense of the word.  Phew. It's enough to make a girl's head spin. ;) (wink to Alice)

But seriously, there are plenty of times where we all get overwhelmed with the stressors put on us and sometimes they can get us down. All the while I am doing all of this, my amazing boyfriend is juggling school (a very heavy, and constant, load of reading and paper writing) and working part-time, leaving him only 1 full day off a week while he also helps me balance out cooking/cleaning/and everything else a couple has to do to keep things in order, not to mention time to relax (which usually happens late at night)!

I'm sure to anyone else who has a crazy schedule right now, this seems familiar. Trying to juggle all that life is throwing at you while remaining sane, finding time to sleep, and occasionally doing things for fun! It's all a bit of a rollercoaster right now, but I think the things to remember are hiding in the wings: staying focused on the goals I am shooting for, keeping up with good nutrition to aid in stress relief and mood swings, finding that all important "me time" to do things like dance around the living room, watch something that nobody else wants to watch with me, play guitar/write songs, and make fun raw food recipes that I am always wanting to make...taking time to remember the importance of breath. Deep breathing alkalizes the body is an oh so  important tool in dealing with stress. Yesterday I took some time to take a bath with "Peace & Calming" essential oils and listen to Air. That really helped calm down the stressors and get me back to a state of peace. I find that I have always needed lots of "me time" to de-stress and deal with the millions of things I try to do all the time. Sometimes it can be too much and it takes some stepping back. Other times, I say to myself go! go! go!! and am actually able to manage this.

Anyway, this whole thing might seem a bit trite to other bloggers or readers out there, and possibly a bit over-dramitic compared to those people dealing with generally much more stressful things in their lives, like job loss, kids and babies, deadlines, disease, family crises, work pressure, trauma, etc. and I do send my compassion to those stessors as well, and hope that peace is brought to any and all dealing with such things. This day is doing nothing if not showing me that stress has many faces and can be seen, in some form, in all of our lives...and should be recognized as such and hopefully dealt with in a calm and loving way. That is the hard part. Remembering that we all have stressors and that we are all working with and around each other as we deal with these things day in and day out...and trying to remain compassionate and loving to one another in the face of stress. Stress is how we react to the world, not just how the world burdens us. I am trying to control my reactions to stress in a more constructive way, instead of getting bogged down and hopeless. Remaining aware of stress and it's effects on the body, as well as how what we consume effects how we deal with stress.

Whew, I feel better already. I think just seeing those monks on a rollercoaster helped to lift my spirits! :)

Ok then, and on with our weekends! Here's to all of us dealing with stress and here's to the motivational cocktails we must consume to keep our heads straight! --and no, that does not mean a literal cocktails! Lol

Here's some brain munchies, have a listen! :) and a beautiful day as well! 



  1. <3 you Rach! I loved your line about stress is how we react to the world. Preach it sister. From one stressed chica to another.

  2. Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on handling your stressful times. Hang in there and keep breathing and eating those raw living foods. The raw living foods will give you clarity to think and sort through all that is being thrown at you!
    Peace and Raw Health,]

  3. "Remaining aware of stress and it's effects on the body, as well as how what we consume effects how we deal with stress."
    So very true. Mindfulness is the best thing you can do for yourself.
    Sending you much, much love!