Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ideas For the Very Near Future

Ok, so I have a few plans up my sleeve that I just want to bounce around here for a minute...I am planning my own website right now, which will be similar to this blog, only you will also be able to purchase things like juicers, essential oils, and much more from my site! In addition, I will continue to post, but in a more informative fashion, including articles about health/nutrition and lifestyle. It will be a bit more business and less journalish than this, specifically so that I can start sending my future clients to the site to have a one stop place to find recipes, information, and resources for things I recommend to them already! Sound good?

So I guess the only issue I'm having now is the name...I like the title of my blog, but I'm not sure if it's off-putting to males who are interested in health & nutrition. I don't know, what do you guys think?? Goodnessmegoddess...does the "Goddess" part make you think it's only for women? Or do you get the sense that it is only because the information is provided by a woman, and that there might be information for both sexes therein? I will certainly have information for both sexes...and I do like the idea of keeping my name as I move into this next step. Comments? Suggestions? I am open to all, thanks for your help! Much love! :)

Ps- Here's a song I just started covering that I have always loved, enjoy!

Look at Jeff Tweedy's suit! Haha, great!

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