Monday, November 21, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award - Prepare to know more about me than you ever wanted to know!

A dear friend of mine, who also happens to be the smart, beautiful and uber talented author of the hilarious and interesting blog Babique, has linked me in with some other very interesting/cool bloggers for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thank you Erika! of course I gladly accept this honor and opportunity to tell you all a little bit more about myself. Let's brew some tea and get a little personal! :) Babique, btw, is a very funny and informative account of Erika's experiences as a first time mommy as well as with marriage, playing music, working, and tying it all together. I highly recommend you check it out by clicking the link above.

 So here goes!

Name your favorite song: 
Oh geez, I knew this was going to be Being a musician myself my head is constantly rattling around all kinds of songs, mostly ones I love, sometimes ones I wish I could delete from memory...but above all I have a REALLY hard time just picking one to state as my favorite. So in light of that I will have to throw a few out there for you to chew on, maybe just the first ones that come to mind...

Subterranian Homesick Alien - Radiohead

Exit Music For A Film - Radiohead

(now maybe guess one of my all time favorite albums)

Dondante - My Morning Jacket

Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

So many songs by Bob Dylan...including this one: Don't Think Twice, it's Alright

Also so many songs by John Lennon (Real Love)...and the Beatles...Let it Be (and many many MANY more)

And of course, not leaving out the women here...

Lived in Bars - Cat Power

Many many songs by Regina Spektor, Portishead, Ani DiFranco, & St. Vincent...more more more...

Name your favorite desert:  Vegan Cupcakes from Sweet Life :)

...yummmmm. Nuff' said.

What pisses you off?: WAR, corporate and governmental control over people, money, people who show no compassion to other people, people who harm the planet and animals with no regard, smugness

When you're upset, you: write in my journal, write music, play music, cry, breathe deeply

Your favorite pet: my 2 amazing kitties:

PBJ (orange) & Lula Bell (white)
...they are the best.

Black or White?: how about rainbow? :-) I definitely look better in black than in white...and I can manage keeping clothes black but white ones usually eventually end up in my tie-dye pile once I've managed to stain them.  

Best feature: Hmm...I like my eyes cause they remind me of my mom. All the women on my mom's side of the family have very similar eyes and so do all of her sisters. I feel like they tie me to my past.

(this pic was actually originally taken for my crochet business. I wasn't just trying to look cool. Lol)
Everyday Attitude: inspired to grow & do more...alive, awake, nostalgic, hopeful, dreaming.

What is Perfection?: Perfection for me depends on the day, but I think would always have to include: sunshine, being outdoors (possibly deep in the woods somewhere, but more likely at the beach), being with loved ones, making music, hot herbal tea, staring into the ocean while the sun shines down on me, reading a book on that beach, dreaming up my future and traveling to exotic places. To live without the burden of money, now that would be perfection. Perfection is realizing that I am already amazing and that my life in incredible. Perfection would be living where I want to live but still being near so many of the ones I love that I've moved away from. Perfection is TIME to myself, not spent "working for a dollar" but spent fleshing out my passions and indulging in my interests. I do believe this is attainable. Working on it.

Guilty Pleasure: Ok so by far my guiltiest pleasure at the moment has to be: Glee. I watch every episode and while I don't necessarily like every song they do, I can't stop watching and loving some of it. I myself was a show choir kid and dancer with music, dance, and theater dreams and this show just seems to fit somehow. I know, I know, super lame sauce. Lol My other guilty pleasure as of late is watching Alley McBeal on Hulu. For this I have no excuse, save my love for female driven dramas and shows about lawyers and court cases.

7 Random Facts: 

♥ I am a Leo sun with a Scorpio moon. Apparently this could be the reason I've heard so many people say, "But you don't seem like a leo..." While I do exhibit many of the common traits of leos (social, outgoing, love to be on the stage) I am still quite a bit of an introvert. Supposedly people with moons in scorpio are very deep and emotionally intense people who crave deep emotionally intense relationships. I would say this has rang true for me in my life. There's a really good book to check out that actually Erika, who tagged me for this, referred to me a long time ago that's great for reading into your different planetary signs called, Do it Yourself Astrology, which I really like to get a good well rounded feel for your astrological and very specific sign.

♥ I have a mouth full of amalgam mercury fillings from my childhood that I desperately want to have removed. I checked in with a local holistic dentist not too long ago for an estimate of how much this would cost me. Turns out: $1500 per tooth! That said, I need almost $10,000 worth of dental work. You do the math. So yeah, that's going to be a goal that sits on my shelf for quite a while.

♥ I used to take and teach dance. I took jazz, tap, & ballet from a small studio in my town for about 15 years, and then took a tiny bit of modern (& modern with partner) dance in college. It was such a big part of my childhood that I am forever attached to it mentally and spiritually. I still dream about it all the time and miss it all the time, and my exercises usually center around stretching my body and limbering up enough to move and dance however I feel like it. It is for this reason that I am especially drawn to the exercise classes of Nia. I love how free you can be in these classes and how much you sweat and actually get an amazing work out while having a blast dancing around the room and yelling at times. It's great. You must try it.

♥ One of the first songs I ever attempted to write, with my childhood best friend, went like this:

"Let's talk about you baby,
let's talk about me baby,
let's talk about you, let's talk about me, let's talk about uh-uh-us, baby!"

Complete with hand motions for the entire thing, my friend and I thought we were so very awesome for coming up with this. Hahaha, oh yeah and our "band" name was "Two Hands & a Voice" and our symbol was peace over power the hand one hand in a fist facing you with the other laying on top of it facing out. Yup, awesome. Anyway, a few years later we were completely shocked and awed when the band Salt-n-Peppa came out with the song, "Let's Talk About Sex" which was not only the same rhythmic pattern as our tune, but also a VERY similar fact it seemed like they took our childhood innocent love song straight out of our little notebooks and turned it into something way more adult! It was so crazy though! It sounded so much like the song we had written, it still baffles me to this day how that even happened. Luckily, I didn't let that stop my song writing efforts as I grew up.

♥ I have never broken a bone. The closest I've ever come was spraining my arm in dance class after attempting to be impressive (admittedly there was a cute boy watching our class from the lobby) and doing a jump known as a Tour Jeté. I tried to be all huge and impressive and ended up falling flat on my arm. Lol, oh yeah.

♥ I am obsessed with the ocean. I dream about water constantly and so wish I knew how to surf. Actually the idea of being eaten by something in the ocean is scary enough to me that I just gaze in awe at amazing surfers. I think I fear the ocean and it's mystery/power almost as much as I love it. I really do want to try surfing someday. And while I may never be as epic as this:

...a girl can always dream. :)

♥ If you haven't already figured it out from my blog posts so far, I am currently working on getting my nutrition consultant certification, which basically is a nutrition educator. I want to take this certification and interweave several other healing modalities and body therapies into one total preventative wellness facility. More on this in coming posts...

So that's about it folks, whew! I think that's the most personal information I've ever put into one blog post...thanks again for linking me miss Babique.

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Blog on!!!

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