Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Transitioning into the future,,,

Well here it is, almost 2012, and yours truly has officially stepped into the world of technology by going from a crappy do-nothing phone to a touchscreen LG do everything-droid phone. (sigh) I tried to save myself from making this leap for a very long time but alas, I was starting to feel like an 80 yr. old woman when people handed me their fancy-schmancy super phones and said, "here, do this, or call this person..." and I'm fumbling with it like,"...uh....I have no clue how to use this [new fangled contraption]!" Lol

Here is the first photo I took (that I texted to my parents):

That's the other advantage over my do-nothing phone...I've never had a "camera" that would fit in my purse easily before, only a big bulky (albeit nice) one, but I rarely liked to take that with me to parties, etc. Plus, on my old phone I could'nt even receive picture messages so I was a little left out of the loop. Not anymore! I'm not justifying getting one of these fancy "plugged-in" things, but I do have to say...I am enjoying being part of the technological present again. It is already amazing me by providing a calendar that I can fill with my busy schedule...that I can also access online. I feel uber connected. I think this will also come in handy when I start my business. Apparently, you can have 2 different numbers (one business, one personal) that both go to your one line! Sounds intriguing...

On & on...I just received in the mail the other day a new cookbook I ordered that I'm so excited to try out!

It's full of tons of delicious-looking, mostly vegan recipes that sound tantalizing!I'll keep you updated on what I make. With that in mind, I have a new recipe to share for some delicious Savory with a *hint* of sweet crackers I made the other day! 

10-15 Dates (pitted)
2-3 C Sunflower Seeds (soaked overnight)
About 3 C Flax Seeds (soaked 20 min. before using)
Mellow White or Yellow Miso (to taste, approx. 4-5 T)
Braggs or Nama Shoyu (to taste, approx 4 T)
1 White or Yellow (sweet) Onion
4-5 Cloves Garlic

Mix all in food processor, dehydrate for 1 hr. @145 degrees, then turn down to 115 degrees and dehydrate until crunchy. 

That's all for today. Does anyone read this? Haha

Check out my new facebook page:

There's not much to it yet...but it is a work in progress. Also, I hope you are all enjoying the new look of my blog. It looks a little more like my home state of Oregon now and I'm loving that.

Have a beautiful week!