Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just 'cause.


:) enjoy!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

And the Beat Goes On...

It has been a long time since I posted a blog, as much has been happening in my life, which includes some exciting news! I have officially finished my Nutrition Consultation schooling, and I passed! Which means I will soon be officially certified to provide nutrition consultation to interested people. I'm excited to be finally in the real planning stages of my small business. More on that later. On a related topic, I was recently hired to work the front desk at a local wellness center, which I am loving. I get to work around essential oils all day and work in a healing environment. I am very happy with this progression. Deep breaths, lots of love. We have an incredible Far Infrared Sauna as well as Whole Body Vibration machines, which are fun! :)

In other exciting news, my partner and I and our roommate/friend are getting ready to move into an amazing house with 10 garden beds and a blueberry and raspberry bush!! This will be happening next month, so I look foreword to getting back into the gardening thing as much as possible. I really want to make more time for gardening and working on my business in the very near future. Hopefully I can find my balance this summer and be motivated to do so. But first, we move. I'll post pics of the new place soon.

There is so much happening and changing from day to day right now, but it seems like it's all for the positive and all moving me in exactly the right direction. I finally worked my last day at the bar, and can officially say with great happiness that I am no longer slinging liquor for a living! Huge sigh of relief. The job itself was way laid back and easy for sure, but just not really my scene anymore. Time to make way for more beautiful and prosperous things that more closely resonate with who I am as a person. I am making room in my life for this type of energy and bliss. 

So anyway, that's my update for now...loving sun, dreaming of the sea.

Oh yeah, and one more exciting thing...

I officially have my website up and under-construction. As of now it is pretty low on content, but I did post some really great recipes that I love, and I will be adding more content asap. But for now, you can check out what I have so far at this link:

I am really enjoying the warmer days we've been having lately and it's the warmer days that make me want to pull away from city life and head into nature to collect my thoughts. I am really interested in taking some classes on wild-harvesting and other woodsy-ness sometime. One thing at a time though.

This weekend we are going to see  the Head & The Heart with the Shins and I am oh so excited for this beautiful music. We saw the Decemberists and Bright Eyes last year at this same spot, and it was fantastic! So anyway, with that I will leave you with a taste of what I'm in for this weekend. Both bands will be playing at Sasquatch Festival shortly after we see them, but we were just lucky enough to catch them on the way! Tenacious D and Beck are also playing at the same place this weekend. Whoooosh!!!! Good music blowin' in!!

Sending out love. Have a beautiful weekend web world.