Monday, September 17, 2012

Drink Your Greens!!

Good morning! Start your week off with a nourishing green smoothie! This is the standard recipe for a smoothie I make almost every day. You can replace the green or add greens, other powders (like maca or cacao), leave out the juice, add fresh juice, or other types of fruit if you like, but this is the basic recipe outline for a green smoothie.  

My Monday Morning Green Smoothie: 

1.5 C Santa Cruz Organic Berry Nectar (or other juice - fresh if possible)
1.5 C Purified or Filtered Water
2 C Spinach 
1 Banana

Blend it up, divvy it up, and go about your day!  

I'm drinking mine right now, cheers! :)

By the way, for more smoothie ideas and other healthy recipes, check out the recipe section of my website by clicking here

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